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The Melody of Love

Music is an art, Inspired by life, Enriching Life. Life is like a song.
Its verses go around Ages, affections, covenants, and the eulogies of faith…


1996年因販毒洗錢罪,被判終生監禁的艾麗斯約翰遜Alice Johnson,在坐牢21年後,於2018年蒙美國總統川普特赦而提早出獄;今年8月28日川普再度將她除罪,來個「全面赦免」,撤銷她所有的犯罪紀錄……

Our Two Political Parties

Due to COVID-19, the Democratic Party and Republican Party have canceled all the large-scale in-person promotional gatherings but switched to virtual meetings instead. The promotion contents of these two parties are totally different.

2020年10月網絡聚會 / 講座消息

2020年10月網絡聚會 / 講座消息