The Life Story of A Bodybuilder

Transcriber: Helen Man
Translator: Kim Ng

Behind the Violence

Ka Hang Ho is a fanatic of Kung fu and gymnastics who grew up as an indigenous resident of Nam Bin Wai (South Walled Village) in Yuen Long, Hong Kong. He has two brothers and one of them is his younger twin brother. Ka Hang used to fight to be different from his twin brother in many aspects such as clothings, toys, hairstyles, behavior, etc…

After high school graduation, Ka Hang started working full time. His happy hours were spent mostly on Tai Chi, Karate and Taekwondo, so his fists became tougher and tougher. His temper was out of control toward everyone including his family. He fiercely and defiantly glared at his father when he was reprimanded for going home late and even punched a hole into a closet when his mother made an unfavorable comment!

Trying to Drown His Sorrows in Drinks

Besides gyms and Kung fu schools, Ka Hang would hang out with friends drinking through the nights. When his girlfriend left him and his beloved dog died in 2007, he got so upset that he spent many nights drinking in the park and wouldn’t go home till morning. He was a hopeless alcoholic even at work and to the point of coughing up blood.

A Near-death Experience

One day Ka Hang went to the gym running wildly on a treadmill since he was in a bad mood quarreling with his family. Suddenly, his heart hurt so much that he had to stop and leave. As he was approaching the subway station, his hands and feet started cramping and was unable to walk at all. His heartbeat was chaotic and he felt as if a big stone was pressing on his chest and he couldn’t even keep his eyes open. While he didn’t even have strength to reach his phone to make a phone call, flashes of his life since childhood came to his mind: His parents worked very hard to raise them but he was so mean to them! He felt awful!

Miraculously, Ka Hang heard a voice telling him, “I am God.” It suddenly dawned on him that God is in control of life and the universe. He immediately replied to God, “If I can survive, I’ll live a meaningful life.” Then God told him, “Go to church!” He gladly promised, “Sure. If I’m not dying now, I will go to church.”

Guess what? He found himself being able to move without the pressure on his chest. He was then sent to the hospital for a 4-day complete checkup. At the end he was discharged with perfect results. Yet he did not go to church as he promised.

Two years have passed by and Ka Hang’s second dog was diagnosed with cancer. This time he sought God’s help again, “Since you have saved my life, please let my dear puppy live more than 3 months and I will go to church right away!” Miracles did happen! His puppy lived more than 3 months and he did go to church this time.

A New Person

As Ka Hang was wondering if he was about to die that day if God didn’t rescue him, God gave him a timely answer by bringing him to a church meeting titled “No Life Without God”. Amazing! His life has been transformed since that day.

He strongly agreed with a pastor who once talked about the voidness of one’s heart after wild parties and drinking. Only the Lord Jesus can fill our hearts with meaning. Ka Hang quitted drinking too.

Besides quitting drinking and changing his bad temper, he also had a new attitude toward crucifixion. He used to tease people who cried while watching the movie “Passion of Christ”. But now he would cry and feel touched as he watched it in church.

Ka Hang’s relationship with people has greatly changed too. He is able to forgive people and is willing to say sorry. When he apologized to his mother, his tears on his face proved his truthfulness. He naturally said goodbye to hatred.

Bringing Family to Christ

Feeling the love of God has empowered Ka Hang not to compare with his brother but to have brotherly talks with him. As a fitness trainer now, he no longer uses his muscles to fight or threaten others or family members, but rather to love and to bring them to Christ for eternal life because God is real.

He has brought his whole family and friends and relatives to Christ. His mother’s jaw has been swollen for two years. All the doctors she saw concluded that it’s not curable and only gave her painkillers. He suggested to his mother, “Why don’t you try to pray to God and ask God to heal you.” After praying, the pain in his mother’s jaw disappeared gradually. So his mother went to church with him and believed in Jesus.

His father used to resist Christianity but had a change of heart through one accident. One day at work, his father fell from a dump truck three or four feet above the ground. If he fell backwards, his head would definitely hit the ground first, which would definitely cause his head to burst. Unexpectedly, he fell sideways, as if God was supporting him. He took the opportunity to talk about God’s mercy and brought him to Christ.

Ka Hang’s younger twin brother was under a lot of pressure doing real estate business. After Ka Hang’s many invitations, his brother finally went to church. In church God was telling him, “You are weary and burdened but remember that everything is under my control.” His younger brother was very moved and later accepted Jesus as his Savior.

His near death experience not only saved his life but also changed his whole character inside out. He has become an honorable son and a good brother.

May you truly understand the great love of God and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior so that your sins will be forgiven and will have eternal life. Amen!

*Transcribed from a Chinese video authorized by CBN《躁男之死》星火飛騰 371:

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