The Vaccine Pass & the Ticket to Heaven

Timothy Tin

Since the menacing coronavirus began its threat two years ago, many nations seem to have brought it under control with the rollout of vaccinations. Many nations began to legislate regulations that require travelers or anyone entering indoor spaces to show their proof of vaccinations. Though there were some pushbacks and criticism of this governmental overreach, this is steadily becoming the norm of many countries. Ever since the WHO used Greek letters to label the coronavirus and its variants, we know that this virus will be with us indefinitely, thus turning mass vaccinations and the rollout of vaccine proofs as the new normal!

In our pre-Covid times, all you needed was a passport and visa to travel anywhere you desire. Nowadays it necessitates additional proof of vaccination plus a negative Covid test result. This in turn limits the ability of the unvaccinated to travel freely. This also separates those who are vaccinated as “safe” vs. those who are not, a threat to society. It has become a point of contention and division, though most countries are certainly trending toward mass vaccinations as their goal. This also brings the question of whether to vaccinate to the realm of faith and trust. Those who are pro vaccines certainly believe in the efficacy of it, and even accuse those who do not as believers of conspiracy theories and are recklessly causing the pandemic to continue. Those who decline to vaccinate, they possibly have health reasons to refrain from vaccines, as well as doubt in their efficacy, as well as mistrust of the government. We realize that when the notion of an individual’s personal health intersects with the public health’s interest or policies, conflict will arise from our personal beliefs vs. free will and choice. In places where a tough vaccine mandate is in place, those who oppose vaccines will find their free will and choice being usurped.

Let’s put aside the argument of whether the vaccine is effective or not, and take a look at this proof of vaccination, or as New Yorkers call them, the Excelsior Pass. Imagine one day if every nation in the world requires this proof — whether you’re young or old—to travel or enter any indoor public spaces, then those who haven’t been vaccinated would need to forcibly “repent” and receive the shots? Even before the pandemic, aren’t we all trying to eradicate sickness or suffering from this world?  While we enjoy the present world aren’t we also hoping that we need not face death? In Romans 5:12 the Bible states that the sin of man not only resembles a virus, spreading rapidly to all corners of the world. It also passes from one generation to the next! No one is spared! How can we avoid the plague of sin, which is infinitely more frightening than the threat of coronavirus?

God already prepared for humankind the only key to our salvation! This does not require any vaccine or medication. You only need to sincerely confess your sin, believe that He has sent His only Son to Jesus Christ to bear the sins of this world by being nailed on the cross, then rose from the dead on the third day. This will allow us to receive God’s forgiveness and eternal life, even though we will experience pain, suffering, and death in this world, but those with a contrite heart that confesses and believes in Jesus’ salvation will have the “entrypass to heaven”. This has no expiration date and there is no need to apply for any passport or visa, and definitely do not require vaccinations. All you need to do is believe with your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is your Savior. You will receive this visa to heaven, with permanent residency in heaven! Dear friends, are you willing to receive this simple ‘visa to heaven’? If you are, then pray this with me:

“Dear heavenly father, I am willing to admit my sins, believe in Jesus’s death for my sins, and that He rose from the dead to grant us everlasting life. I thank you for your salvation, call me your child and a citizen of heaven, I sincerely pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Author: Christian Alliance Bible Church in Los Angeles, CA

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