Our Two Political Parties

Helen Man

Due to COVID-19, the Democratic Party and Republican Party have canceled all the large-scale in-person promotional gatherings but switched to virtual meetings instead. The promotion contents of these two parties are totally different.

Democratic Party Convention

All the speakers were politicians, including a republican as a surprise, John Kasich, the former governor of Ohio who unsuccessfully sought the party’s presidential nomination in 2000 and 2016. Since he was defeated by President Donald Trump again this year, he switched to oppose Trump. I have received Kasich’s promotional materials too. The other speakers are the Democratic Party’s radicals and some socialist advocates. So if Joe Biden becomes the president, America will go into a socialist direction.

Their political platform is as follows:

  • Increase of abortion limits
  • Raising the minimum salary to $15
  • Free college education, health benefits, and housing
  • Expansion of gay rights
  • Fighting for LGBT rights
  • Opening the border
  • Legalization of illegal immigrants
  • Eliminating Trump’s tax cut policies
  • Raising tax collection to 4 trillion dollars within 10 years (*Note 1)
  • Increase of government expenditures and supervision to stimulate the economy

If elected, the Democratic Party will nominate atheists or left-leaning law enforcers to courts at all levels and even to the Supreme Court. Their atmosphere was filled with hatred and negativity.

The content of the Democratic Party Convention was focused on attacking President Trump, condemning the American tradition and its past achievements. The speakers presented the USA as a horrible and dark nation.  They placed all the blame on Trump for the deaths from COVID19, the lockdown of the cities, and the country, causing economic depression.

They said nothing about Trump’s efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our nation:

  • Trump placed a stop on the tourists from China’s epicenter despite the Democratic Party’s ridicules.
  • Trump proclaimed a state of emergency and released $50 billion to stop its spread two days right after WHO announced this Coronavirus as pandemic! Yet during Obama and Biden’s administration, there was no emergency funding for additional medical supplies for H1N1. (*Note 2)
  • Trump passed the Defense Production Act on March 8 to let the government take over the massive and efficient production of protective equipment and medical devices.
  • Trump sent out two hospital ships to the epicenter in NYC and Seattle.
  • Trump promised to invent vaccines ASAP and testing centers throughout the nation.
  • Trump provided economic support to stabilize our economy. (*Note 3)

What did the Democratic Party not promise?

  • No vaccines mentioned (but only masks to be reinforced)
  • No policies toward China
  • Nothing against civil violence or anti-police protests in more than 17 Democratic states where setting police cars on fire, robbery, and throwing bombs, and killing many innocent civilians for more than 100 days. (*Note 4)

During the convention, the Democrats mentioned nothing about any important national issues in the past 4 years but focused on means to get rid of Trump. For example, knowing that Trump didn’t make connections with Russia based on a recent confidential federal document, the Democrats have wasted more than $35,000,000 over a long period of 23 months to hire Mueller for the investigation! Even Alexander Vindman from the National Security Council admitted lying about this case but the Democrats insisted on prolonging the case of deposing Trump for 18 months. (* Note 5) Biden blames Trump for breaking up the nation and he claims himself as the only person who can bring unity.

Republican Party Convention

Besides Trump’s family, the speakers include many new members such as African civilians, and people from different occupations (farmers, oyster-catchers, drivers, nurses, amnestied criminals, and Cuban refugees). Vernon Jones, a life-time African Republican and a Congressman from Georgia strongly opposed Biden’s claim: “Black voters are not blacks if they don’t vote for Biden.” Among the speakers, some have been cured of serious diseases due to Trump’s “Right to Try Act”.

Jones’ reasoning against Biden is as follows:

  • The unemployment rate has dropped to 3.6% before COVID 19, breaking the record of the past 50 years of females and Africans. The poverty rate of Black Americans has also hit the lowest.
  • Trump has established over 8700 “Opportunity Zones” in many Black and Latino communities to enable people to find jobs to come out of the poverty cycle. (*Note 6)
  • Through School Choice, Trump allows poor children to acquire better education in good schools.
  • The president’s order also provides scholarships for Black American youngsters to have a college education and cultivate Black leaders.
  • Trump’s “Judicial justice reform” has lowered the years of imprisonment for severe drug criminals from a lifetime to a minimum of 25 years and extended job training in the prison. This is totally different from Biden’s mandatory decrease of imprisonment in1994. (*Note 7)

During his nomination, Trump pointed out that he has already carried out his promises from the election in 2016. He has faith in making more progress in terms of tax reforms, investments of entrepreneurs, consumption of domestic goods, creating high paying jobs, etc. Trump clearly distinguished himself from Biden’s political speeches. He emphasized on keeping national law and order, making the United States strong, and enabling people to have a fair way of living. (*Note 8)

The Pandemic has truly created a difficult time for the upcoming election. However, “Mail-in voting” might not be the safest way to vote due to the possibility of cheating. You might be asking what you could do as an ordinary citizen. You can pray for America to repent to God. Rev. Frank Graham has called for all the churches to pray for Trump and his team for a godly administration for our nation because he knows that only God can help us. God has told us that “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14 )

Let’s pray for a biblical national candidate and a biblical political platform for the United States! Would you kindly make your sacred vote for the election of 2020?

(Notes 1-8 searches on various websites)

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