Seven Wishes of an Unmarried Chinese Mother

Timothy Tin

Recently, Asian hate crimes are getting worse and worse! Watching videos of these violent attacks made us uncomfortable and angry. In 2014, an African American rapper named YG conveyed the message of robbing Chinese in a song called “Meet the Flockers”. Its lyrics are directions of how to rob Chinese families. At that time, it aroused the anger of Chinese people everywhere. According to the Chinese version of the BBC report on October 5, 2016, “Hundreds of thousands of Chinese Americans signed a petition, asking the White House to ban that song. Chinese media described the song as inciting crime against Chinese Americans and urge the agency to investigate the songwriter.” ( However, YouTube refused to remove this song from its website.

There is a story about a Chinese girl who was robbed and gang-raped by a group of African Americans. This girl returned home in panic. Her family was furious and terrified. Due to language barriers, she did not dare to call the police. Later, the girl found out that she was pregnant. Her family and friends immediately persuaded her to abort the baby, so that she does not have to give birth to a sinful baby. But the girl ignored the persuasions from her family and insisted on giving birth to the child. Everyone wanted to know the reason of her persistence. This Chinese girl said, “I was scared and angry and had thought of committing suicide, but because the Bible says ‘Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.’ (Romans 12:21), I want to be a mother who does her best to bring up her child. I want to name him YB (Yellow in Black), let him remember that although his skin is black, he will always be a Chinese descent! My first wish is for him to become a doctor, to treat African Americans with love, especially to treat every male patient as his own father. When he treats the African American community, he will tell them that the one who really help them is his mother, a Chinese girl who was robbed and raped by a group of African Americans. One day, maybe he saved his own father’s life while practicing as a doctor!

If this wish is not fulfilled, my second wish is for this child to become a judge, to uphold justice for all Chinese, and to severely punish all criminals who discriminate against and persecute Asian Americans. When he grants amnesty to African American criminals who have good behaviors, he has to tell them that the real person who granted them amnesty was a Chinese mother who was robbed and raped by a group of African Americans. Maybe one day the man he pardoned was his father!

My third wish is for this child to become an educator, so that more Asian children who excel academically and behaviorally or strive to learn more can have fair access to major schools, and at the same time help African American children, especially education of morals. When more outstanding African American leaders are cultivated in the future, we must tell them that the Chinese mother who has been robbed and raped by a group of African Americans is the same Chinese mother who educated them to succeed. She was not like the evil father who is sinful. She wanted to raise her sons with love and thus raise more good African American fathers!

My fourth wish is for this child to become a businessman and philanthropist. In addition to donating money to all Chinese families that got robbed, he will hire the best detectives and lawyers to help the police track down criminals who hate Asians! He will reward sneakers to all teenagers who report criminals. When the criminals are arrested, he will ask the media to report that his mother is a victim who was robbed and raped by a group of African Americans; so as to warn everyone that the murderers who killed Asians will eventually be brought to justice and cannot escape forever!

My fifth wish is for this child to become a director, to film the documentary of the persecution of Asians and show it to the whole world. He will convey the message of peaceful coexistence of different races through raps and artworks. He will also let the public knows that even though his mother is a victim who was robbed and raped by a group of African Americans, she still raised her son with love and peace, in order to convey the message of harmony to the world!

My sixth wish is for this child to become a politician, to work hard to prevent the conflicts and hatred between Asians and African Americans, unite the ethnic minorities, and stop conflicts between ethnic groups. So that different races and cultures can live together in harmony under the rule of law. Use love and acceptance to replaces hatred, because the son of peace chose the path of righteousness and love, and his mother is a Chinese girl who has overcome darkness and hatred!

My seventh wish for this child to become a pastor. If the above six wishes cannot be granted, Lord! May You fulfill my last wish! I wish this child can follow the example of Jesus. Not only will he use his African American identity to unite the African-American community, so that they will abandon all the evil doings from the devil and return to the true God; he would also use love instead of hatred to forgive the Caucasians’ discriminations against them. He would apologize to the Chinese and Asians who African Americans had harmed; and as a Chinese, forgive African Americans and Caucasians for their discrimination and oppression of Asians. Because all innocent Asian victims are victimized and killed like how Jesus was innocently killed. All ignorant and unscrupulous persecutors, no matter what their motives and excuses are, will eventually face God’s terrible eternal punishment! That is why Jesus said while He was on the cross: ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’ (Luke 23:34) This is because Jesus asked God to have mercy on the world, ‘not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.’ (2 Peter 3:9)”

The Bible says: “Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.” (Proverbs 10:12) “Covers” is to forgive and eliminate sins! Hatred and anger cannot bring peace, only loving acceptance and forgiveness can bring people peace!

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(Author: Christian Alliance Bible Church in Los Angeles, CA)

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